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Semi-employed political journalist Jeb Lund and a rotating cast of friends rescue very special, very exclusive awfulness from the memory hole; dive into incredible fringe news and fantastic loon culture; talk to the biggest and best sports and entertainment personalities; and conduct great, just phenomenal interviews with really talented artists and thinkers. It's very, very successful. Everyone loves it.
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Feb 20, 2017

TED LEO joins us after a brief news rundown. He's been touring America for over 25 years, playing punk and hardcore everywhere from the streets, to pubs with enough room in the corner, to 10,000 seat venues. You may know him from Chisel or Ted Leo and the Pharmacists or his project with Aimee Mann, The Both. He's also one of music's most outspoken political voices, this podcast's first and best friend, and he joined us to talk about music and protest under the age of Trump.


NOTE: Our intro of Ted got eaten in the editing process, and Jeb's trip to the Trump rally and Robert's latest video left too little time to strip out the edit and start again.

Feb 10, 2017

Sportswriter David J. Roth joins Jeb to talk about the Super Bowl and the spiritual exhaustion of watching the Patriots ... The haunting Cheatriots Theme ... Jesse Farrar and the burden of the flawless podcast ... The NFL is slowly devouring itself...

Feb 8, 2017

Letters to the robot from "Small Wonder" ... Fear of news ... Super Bowl Illuminati ... Gaga game theory and the NFL ... Interview with Ryan Staake, director of Young Thug's "Wyclef Jean" video and why music videos are dead (again).

Feb 1, 2017

Trumpler: The First Ten Days ... Half-empty streets at the Inauguration ... Jubilation and the first steps at the Women's March ... Is Jesse Farrar employed? ... The Trump 2020 campaign's apocalyptic voicemails ... Interview with literal rocket scientist Mark Paul Hughes about that other, bigger, more foreboding changing climate...

THANKS: to @SuzanEraslan's Google doc for helping us compile this week's rundown.

NOTE: Jeb lost his voice thanks to a fever and had to turn his mic way up, apologies for periodic distortion.