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Semi-employed political journalist Jeb Lund and a rotating cast of friends rescue very special, very exclusive awfulness from the memory hole; dive into incredible fringe news and fantastic loon culture; talk to the biggest and best sports and entertainment personalities; and conduct great, just phenomenal interviews with really talented artists and thinkers. It's very, very successful. Everyone loves it.
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Dec 12, 2017

CHARLES STAR is back for: Roy Moore, fruit salad ... Alabama Special Election predictions ... Poll paranoia ... The unlivable exhaustion of cynicism one-upmanship ... "The most manageably corrupt version of any Trump story" ... Paul Manafort's bail and copy of Microsoft Word ... Pardons on the head of a pin ... Michael Flynn's useless son's dad's plea deal ... Useless son Jared Kushner ... Never talk to the cops, never lie to your lawyer ... The Zarate trial outcome and demagoguing Kate Steinle ... Trump's trans ban thwarted again ... When will Trump lawyers go full Trump Class? ... Brendan "Making a Murderer" Dassey update ... Our broken police confession policy ... Twitter conspiracists' true facts stated: Roy Moore is, I dunno, let's say Chuck Schumer


Dec 8, 2017

A quick look at our Patreon-exclusive series "Dave and Jeb Aren't Mean," in which Jeb and frequent co-host David J. Roth break down the kind, well-meaning and extremely Christmasy films of the Hallmark cinematic universe: movies made for the gentlest of people. Head to and chuck $3 at us for the full episodes.

Dec 6, 2017

MARIN COGAN is back for: Garrison Keillor's roaming hands and narrative ... Can Trump even calculate his racism? ... Capitol Hill reporters and harassment ... It's not the industry, it's the power ... Franken, the unnamed and politicizing the response ... Partying with Breitbart and fascist-tourism journalism ... Some sources aren't worth it ... A lifetime of borking Thanksgiving ... "Turkey is a bullsh*t meat" ... Project Veritas' sleeper agents ... The flipped-switch stalkers/attackers of social media ... Sam Seder and The Cernovich Law of Bad Faith Callouts ... James O'Keefe: Ladies Man...